About us

Black Fire™ is one of the most popular hog attractant in Europe. 

Behind Black Fire™ is Marko Gracner as known as Dr. Black Fire and his family. 

Our products are developed in Slovenia. The same country where Luka Dončić was born. 😃 

Black Fire is only three years old but because of its efficiency and strong community of hog hunters behind the brand, it quickly became one of the most recognizable brand in the industry.   

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We're obsessed with product improvements, and Dr. Black Fire is always on a roll to find something that would help reduce the damage caused by this invasive species.

We're always looking for some cool collabs. If you're interested to work with our, shoot us an email to marketing@blackfiretar.com and let's do something great together!

Your friends at Black Fire! 👋

 Dr. Black Fire